“This is such an excellent visual guide to help children feel independent and confident in their writing skills that I heartily suggest it as a must-have for any family with a child who is just starting to learn how to hold a pencil.”

      - Karlynn Johnston, Mumsense Magazine

“With clear, colorful photography, great captions and an easy-to-follow tone, she makes learning this essential skill seem fun-- and easy.”

      - The Happy Times


“As easy as 1-2-3!  How to Hold a Pencil is a practical guide for parents and teachers who want to help young children with the appropriate way to hold and use that all-important writing and drawing tool – the pencil.”

      - Karolynne Gee, Education Consultant


How to Hold a Pencil combines clear pictures and easy to follow instructions for young children.  Use this book to teach for success!” 

     - Genie Son, Elementary School Teacher

How to Hold a Pencil by Megan Hirsch is a fun, sweet, kid-friendly book.  It provides clear illustrations and simple language.  I plan to use this book with children who struggle with a Tripod Grip!”

      - Carole F. Lee, OTR/L Pediatric Occupational Therapist

“What a useful book!  It is very important for children to hold their pencils correctly, and this book models a step-by-step guide of 'how to' and 'how NOT to' techniques that will reinforce learning.  The colorful pictures will help the visual learners.”

      - Darcy Mellinger, Elementary School Teacher

“This book should be required reading for beginning writers. Learning how to hold a pencil correctly is so important, and this book shows and tells how to do this with clear instructions and illustrations.”

      - Lillie Pardo, Kindergarten Teacher


“It’s a How-To book designed just for kids—and designed well! Megan Hirsch knows her audience. She explains—and shows—exactly how to hold a pencil correctly, and does it with clear communication, engaging photos and a tone sure to inspire, entertain and instruct young readers.”

     - Julee Shapiro, Copywriter, Mattel Toys


“I can’t wait for more books by Megan Hirsch.  Her books are useful and beautifully laid out.”

     - Audrey Fann-Ellis, Elementary School Teacher


“Megan Hirsch’s photo book How to Hold a Pencil is a clever, quick how-to guide. The simple text and clear photos made me and my two boys smile. We loved imitating the photos and appreciated the simple yet sophisticated design!”

     - Elizabeth Aquino, Writer


“This book is an excellent way for parents and teachers to introduce this important skill to children.”

     - Alyssa Gonzales, First Grade Teacher